TIPS & Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try a eScooter before I make a decision to buy?


Message us via “Contact Us” or call one of our retail store locations noted on the home page.

Set up a convenient appointment and we will gladly show you the several options we can offer and let you try any eScooters that are right for you.

What payment options do you offer?


We currently accept the following methods of payment.  Others will be added soon.

  • Visa credit/debit
  • Mastercard credit/debit
  • American Express credit/debit
  • Interac e-Transfer 

Are eScooters easy to ride?


Electric scooters are very easy to ride. Learning how to ride them only takes a few minutes.

Are eScooters safe?

 eScooters are as safe as the rider tries to be.

As long as you follow these important safety tips, you will be perfectly safe:

  • always wear a helmet and safety gear
  • respect your local traffic laws
  • don’t drink or do drugs before riding
  • never ride too fast
  • turn carefully
  • check that your tires are sufficiently inflated and in good shape
  • make sure all your brake systems work
  • make sure you have enough battery for your trip
  • stay focused on your ride
  • avoid riding in the rain, snow, or wet weather
  • avoid pedestrian areas
  • always use your lights at night

The 10 Scooter Commandments

1- Put one foot as far forward on the foot board
2- Don’t jump off while braking, let the scooter brake
3-Let go off the gas to slow down
4-Call us if any issues, we’re here to help
5-Give the scooter a few peddles (a kick), then press the throttle
6-Double press power button to change speed modes (ECO, Drive, Sport)
7-Don’t jump of curbs
8-Hold both hands on the steering at all times
9-Don’t step on the rear fender
10-Enjoy your trip

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