Inokim OX


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The INOKIM OX model is ideal for both urban and off-road environments. The silent 800-watt brushless motor located on the rear wheel and the powerful lithium-ion battery allow the OX to travel up to 100kms distance and reach a speed of 45 kph. The engine wheel is inspired by jet engines to reflect its power.

The OX folds effortlessly for fast transport. It is the best electric scooter of its kind and is perfect for journeys of any distance in the city and off the road.

Its patented adjustable suspension design guarantees better stability at higher speeds and a greater suspension on difficult terrain.

The OX has a wide platform for a comfortable ride high stability while driving.

The entire body is made of a high quality 6061 T6 aluminum alloy that has proven its durability in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Rear disc brakes and front drum brakes as well as automatic engine shutdown allow safe driving and supreme feeling of safety.

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