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Tube Type are the most common OE installed on electric scooters and bicycles.  they use a rubber inner tube to inflate pressure inside the tire.  The main issue with inner tubed tires is in dealing with flats, as it will require you to remove the wheel / tire and replace the inner tube (or patch it) in order to resolve the issue of a punctured tube.

The benefit here, however, is that you don’t need to replace the whole tire in addition to the tube, as long as the puncture point is relatively small and not a large gash.  Just replacing the inner tube (which is cheaper) will offten suffice. You also can inflate inner tubes with a standard bicycle pump, as it doesn’t require the high pressure needed to seat the beads on a tubeless tire to the wheel flange.


Tubeless tires provide the same pneumatic shock absorption as tubed tires (as they are also air filled), with the added benefit that they can be easier to maintain (provided you have the right tools).

When a tubeless tire develops a puncture it can usually be repaired without having to remove the wheel or tire.

Since tubeless tires don’t use inner tubes, and instead rely on a vacuum tight air seal around the rim of the wheel, you can often repair the tire puncture by using tire slime or other tire sealants to stop the leak. However, using tire sealant requires the valve of the tire to be removed, thus fully deflating the tire and unseating it from the rim.

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High Traction, Wide Profile Quality.

Available in both “tube type” & tubless type.


8.5 inch, 10 inch

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